Doug Feasel aka Loaner has a reputation as a multi-talented musician. He is a performer, a man of passion and inspiration, in a word he is an artist.

As a musician he performs as a drummer, guitarist, bassist, and vocalist. Doug writes and performs all the music that is Loaner, music that he is passionate about. Rock music. No synthesizers, dj scratches, drum machines, just guitar, bass, drums and vocals. When Doug performs as Loaner he shares the live stage with a full band who help him bring his music to life. You won’t forget his shows.

When Doug is not doing Loaner shows he’s busy playing drums for other artists. Doug is open to all styles of music ranging from rock, to funk, to country. 

Doug started his musical journey in his father’s church as a young child, playing drums. It was a family thing, his mother on piano, and two brothers on guitars. Years later he formed a band with his brothers Feezel in the mid-west. Touring throughout the U. S. and sharing the stage with well known bands like P.O.D., Switchfoot, MXPX, etc., Feezel ran its course and had a blast doing what they did.

Doug continued his musical career playing with a variety of bands and artists. Some of whom he performs with now.

Including: Marvin Glover, Bobby McClendon, LAE, Deep End, Weezerton (Weezer Tribute), The Red Hots (RHCP Tribute).

Doug currently resides in North County of San Diego, California. Doug aka Loaner stays busy recording and writing music, playing live, and riding his Harley.

If you are in need of a seasoned musician or drummer please contact Doug here.

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