Doug has been obsessed with drums from an early age. His first experiences in drumming were playing every chance he got at his father’s church. You could say he cut his teeth playing hymns to upbeat gospel.

But then he heard rock n’ roll and everything changed. He began to play along with everything from Led Zeppelin to U2. Still with lots to learn he decided to play in pep band and even a little jazz band in high school.

Following High School he played drums in multiple bands from a variety of genres for several years. Playing drums in the band Feezel with his two brothers was the most fulfilling.

Doug has continued to keep busy writing and performing original music, taking on different instrumental positions in bands, and playing for corporate events to country acts, cover bands, and tribute bands. He hasn’t slowed down. But overall drums always call his name. 

In 2017 he relocated from Arizona to Oceanside, California. In the Spring of 2019 Doug met Preston, owner and creator of Vessel Drums. What he thought was going to be a simple coffee hang turned into a friendship and an artist deal with Vessel drums.

Coming together with Vessel has been one of the coolest chapters so far in Doug’s drumming career. Building a handcrafted drum kit for Doug with attention to detail is what Preston of Vessel drums is all about. Doug has never been more pleased with the look and sound quality of these handcrafted drums. He’s both honored and excited to be welcomed into the Vessel drum family.

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